Effective Aspirational - Inspirational - Motivational Strategies

Love, Sex, Marriage, Death, and Divorce...

In this talk we discuss some issues that are plaguing all of us... how do we get along in love or out?  What can be done to increase and prolonging relationships?

Life Matters

Life is what matters most in our current hyper-violent society where people are on the edge.  This is a solution and a way to solve problems without fighting.

Make Your Dreams Reality

In this video we dialogue on How to get from here to there.  How can you make your idea become your "ideal" life?  You can do it, listen in for suggestions.

Overcoming Obstacles

Yes, obstacles to success, happiness, and all the best of life are everywhere.  But How do we Overcome seemingly insurmountable troubles?  The answers are within... listen in to Jolly and Karl discuss the ways to make it through troubling times.  This too, shall pass...

What You Need to Succeed

Life is a series of choices, we choose how we actualize our best self.  What do you call success?  It is a matter of learning to balancing self:  physically, mentally, spiritually, and materially.  Listen in and send your questions on the contact Karl link.